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American Stories

We are an online streaming network with a focus on unscripted shows about real Americans primarily in “fly-over country”. Think “patriotic but not preachy”.  All our welcome in our community.

Our shows feature outdoor adventure, military, sports and entrepreneurship themes about real people overcoming obstacles and winning.

We are looking for someone who finds this type of content appealing to manage the social media experience of our business while enhancing our brand presence and reputation and also build a robust community around our brand.

Expectations include:

From our business pages (2) be an active poster and influencer for our brand, utilizing our imagery and video to create compelling posts.

Reply to all comments, likes, and direct messages that are posted on our pages, from our business pages.

Engage with our followers, from our business pages.

Using the given platform’s search features, find people that are (potentially) interested in our content / brand and start an interaction with them.

Highlight our cast and connected influencers with engaging content, videos, and posts.

We are currently on all major social platforms and want to be on all social platforms with our content so that there is no platform where our show content and brand cannot be found.

We have numerous software, social posting apps, content creation apps available for use including Adobe CS and Canva-like apps. We also have a vast amount of imagery and video available, both original and stock through various platforms.

We are fully prepared to facilitate your oversight of our social media and community presence with tools, resources, influencer contacts and much more.

What we lack is a driven, purposeful, motivated individual who would like the opportunity to grow with us while helping us grow and create a vibrant, enthusiastic, well served community of followers and fans for our shows and network overall.