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 A Digital Graphics & Photo Imaging Company

Visitors are often delighted to find our group in a small city like Nashville. We strive to provide personal service and consistently superior quality with depth, not just the easy stuff. Using advanced tools and knowledgeable staff, we provide extensive digital imaging and traditional processing services.

Chromatics has been an acknowledged leader in quality and service since it's inception 30 years ago by engineer-commercial photographer Mike Borum. Our loyal customers include artists, photographers, museums, designers, ad agencies, marketing agencies, hospitals, exhibit-display producers and corporations of all kinds.

Our staff appreciates the opportunity to serve your needs, too.

A Very Short Company History

Chromatics arose from a need. In 1979, commercial photographer Mike Borum was spending $1500/month on E6 film processing at local labs. For better quality and service he felt compelled to set up his own operation.

Superior quality processing would require continuous film flow with careful sensitometry; Mike's film volume, alone, couldn't support a processing machine and staff. That required a lab operation with its own identity.

Chromatics opened on July 5, 1980, offering clean, accurate, consistent E6 processing with 4 hour service, a revolution for Nashville's commercial photographers.

Other high quality film services soon followed, each enhanced by the superior film processing. In 1985, we improved with Refrema E6 dip & dunk processors and, in 1995, added Refremas for B&W and color negative film.

A list of all the "firsts" from Chromatics would be long. We've remained passionate about quality and worked to make every new piece of equipment and service the best available.

Our guiding philosophy is that superior equipment, maintained and operated by skilled and conscientious technicians, produces superior work consistently.

Our focus on the development of staff members that demonstrate professional behavior and continuous improvement benefits our customers and enhances our work environment. 

Chromatics has moved aggressively in using digital tools to enable professional clients to offer their own customers the best of digital imaging and conventional film capabilities.

We share our hard-won knowledge freely and offer output from amazing devices like the Durst Lambda and the Cruse Fine Art scanner. We've invested heavily in color management skills to maximize the accuracy of the entire digital workflow.

Our promise: We'll always strive to bring the best digital and film-based tools and services to our customers.