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YWCA of Seattle/King/Snohomish

With more than 20 locations across two counties, YWCA is a social justice organization that creates real change for more than 12,000 people in Seattle, King, and Snohomish counties each year.

YWCA works where we’re needed most with people who face the greatest barriers to safety, stability, and opportunity. Racial and gender equity is at the center of our work to eliminate disparities in the most critical areas of people’s lives.

We know that not all women, or all people, are treated equally. Women and girls of color experience overlapping injustices due to their race, gender, socioeconomic background, and more. YWCA is a multi-issue social justice organization that approaches social inequity on multiple levels.


  • Direct Services
  • Issue Education
  • Advocacy

YWCA breaks down barriers to safety, equity, and opportunity with programs that address both immediate needs and the root causes of that need. To create lasting change, we must go beyond influencing hearts and minds and strive to transform policies, systems, and communities. 


  • Housing Stability
  • Economic Advancement
  • Health & Safety

Gender, race, and economic equity are interconnected social issues that must be addressed in concert. We offer holistic, integrated, client-centered services and help individuals and families build independence and self-empowerment in the most critical parts of their lives.


YWCA is on a mission to eliminate racism and empower women.


A healthy community transformed by racial and gender equity, where women and girls of color have equal access to opportunity, and there is social justice for all people.


  • When the barriers of institutional and structural racism are broken down, everyone will benefit.
  • Because women of color have been historically marginalized and excluded, their voices must be centered in this work.
  • When people are confident in their inherent strength and communities are valued and selfdirected, they are empowered.
  • We must stand together across lines of difference with courage, compassion, and commitment to transform our community.