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KGBTexas Communications


In our office, we have a sign on our wall that is 25 feet long. It says:


It’s there because we steadfastly believe that nobody was ever bored into buying anything. Not a product, not a service, not a proposal on a ballot, not an idea.

The 40 public relations, advertising, public affairs and interactive marketing specialists that make up KGBTexas Communications have a common enemy—indifference. And indifference is a powerful foe in an age when the media options at the fingertips of consumers are seemingly limitless.

Our job is to create ideas that exert a magnetic force on the people our clients want to connect with. Ideas that spark conversations. Ideas that are absolutely compelling.

We've gotten pretty good at doing just that over the last twenty-plus years. Take a look at some of our work. If you like what you see—and we think you will—let’s talk.