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Investing Progressively For Veterans

Investing Progressively For Veterans

Veterans come back from war with a more nuanced view of the war, and many become intimately involved with political causes. Stories about veterans taking on causes from both sides of the political divide, such as ABC-featured climate campaigner MJ Hegar, are rife, and the world of finance is starting to notice. With one eye on the investments that veterans can make and the progressive causes that they often champion, there are now countless ways for veterans to make a positive impact on the world while also increasing their own wealth.

Gun Control

Gun control is very controversial, and veterans are in a uniquely placed position to look at the debate. With expert training in rifle handling and control, but a strong sense of duty and patriotism, veterans often have a nuanced view of what gun control should mean. This is the view of Stripes, who reported on a set of veterans who advocated gun control following a number of national incidents, but not total revocation of weapons. This has not gone unnoticed; today, several large mutual funds have gun-exclusive schemes to allow veterans and other concerned citizens to take their money away from organizations they find unfavorable. In the USA, money very often talks, and making investments in this manner helps veterans to be heard.

Healthcare and Planning

Veterans often make more use of healthcare than other parts of society, except for the very young and very old. Cutting edge treatments can change lives, as can the proliferation of good quality hospitals. Many investment firms now have a direct link to the tech/medical interface, and much of this benefits VA hospitals, too. An ethical and progressive investment, it creates profits through the sale of technology and government impetus, but also has a real-world impact in terms of providing healthcare and help for needy people.

Investment in Veterans

Perhaps the most progressive cause out there is the one that favors veteran rights and health. Veterans are likely to have been diagnosed with medical conditions post-tour of duty, and many are disadvantaged in civil society, as employers are reticent to hire them. Veterans essentially face a whole host of challenges, and can often form a disadvantaged section of society. CrunchBase has reported on a range of funds that focus on investing in veterans, helping veterans to form and get into business through providing venture capital investment and training to help those with the skills get ahead. With veterans often needing a leg up from society, despite the debt that society owes them, these funds can be a very progressive way for veterans to help their own.

With a nuanced view of the world, veterans are often thoughtful in their causes and want to make a positive change in the world. With money at the heart of proceedings, investments are the best way to do this, and there are many now on offer for conscientious veterans. Many will not only benefit the world, but them and their men-in-arms, too.

By Lucy Wyndham

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